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Capsicum Mundi

~ subliming chili ~

We believe in the virtues of the chili pepper.

For thousands of years, it has fascinated people, made its way into our kitchens,

medical treaments, daily rituals, and has reserved a tale or two for a night around the fire.

We sublime the chili pepper to bring you the best in quality, form and « raison d’être. »

Whether it is a hot sauce for eggs on a skillet, a chili paste for a meal with family or an exclusive chili oil for the occasion, we have it right!

Welcome aboard your taste buds !

Les Piments de Fati

~ the gourmet chili pastes ~


~ organic and refined chili sauces ~

Capsicum Oleum

~ elixir ~

This is us

Capsicum Mundi started out with the brand
« Les Piments de Fati, »
born as a fundraiser for the promotion of a living arts show in 2018.

Since then, we have been bringing lights, camera flavour in a jar.

All of our products are sourced as locally as possible, 100% organic and transformed with

the utmost respect towards the farmers, workers and people motivated by the same goal.

No concessions.

Our chili peppers are grown under the radiant Belgian sun… and transformed within

an enterprise that promotes the professional integration of people with disabilities.

The profits generated are dedicated to the promotion of performing arts,

with a nack for cheerishing diversity… and right back to how and why we started !

A matter of taste, spice and beyond!